Songwriter Dylan Tidyman-Jones, formerly the guitarist of recently departed goth-psych syndicate The Mallard, began working under the name FRONDS in 2012 - producing an album of psychedelic dream pop with Robert Jackson at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California. Mellifluous vocals float over a foundation of finger-plucked guitars, electro-acoustic drums, bass, claps, Giallo score textures, and FX slathered toy keys. 

The song 'Wash' was featured on a compilation curated by Sonny Smith for Polyvinyl Records. Shifting incarnations of the band have performed along the west coast. Current and former members include Adam Myatt (James & Evander, Pale Blue Dot), Mark Clifford (DRMS, In Watermelon Sugar), Ela J (Wymond Miles, Night Gown), Dylan Edrich (The Mallard, The Michael Cronin Band), Adele Bidet, Greer McGettrick, and Kevin Woodruff.

Brian Lee Hughes of Castle Face Records was so taken with the record, a smooth salve to his fuzz-addled ears, that he not only offered to put it out but started a whole new imprint, DO NOT DISTURB RECORDS, based on the boudoir vexations contained herein.

Thank you to Rachael Cassells, back cover photographer

Thanks also to Dani Murphy & Matt Jones, respectively